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Heaven Women's Fragrance by Nivlac

☐ This fragrance is A forever scent that offers you A piece of Heaven, that your heart desires.
☐ Pure soul taking, it embraces all attributes of A woman. The scent of an Empress ( ruler of great Power) but can be worn by the prince.
☐ A couture scent blended with pear, jasmine and pachouli. That gives the body a peace of happiness.

Husband Material Men's Fragrance by Nivlac

☐ Husband material is A invigorating new scent, created to be worn on any occasion. This scent Includes A special aphrodisiac that attracts the effect it has on women.

☐Making this scent unique and have men becoming Husband Material. This exotic blend exposes the men’s expression and powerfulness.

☐Enjoy this new journey that will have an everlasting impression.

Akri-mony Unisex Fragrance by Nivlac

☐ This is a fragrance without explanation, this unique Eau de Parfume is not bonded to any gender. 
☐ Fragrance Notes that insinuate your body made to make every human gender feel empowered.
☐ Made with a drop of aphrodisiac that increases intimate behavior and performance.
☐ Gender-neutral fragrance was inspired by being fluent and free. No judgment, just an increase in a long happy life.


Calvin Hill

My name is Calvin Hill, I am an entrepreneur and Fragrance connoisseur. My background in the fragrance industry spans over 20 years. During this time, I have been fortunate enough to gain knowledge from professional perfumers and fragrance companies. I have attended national trainings, workshops, and exclusive launches. Having hands-on education from big name company’s houses that design and formulate their own fragrances. Companies such as Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, Cartier, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Prada, D & G, Versace and many more.

I am happy to announce the launch of my own fragrance line which I designed and helped formulate. As a Professional Flavor Concentrator. I Can assure my clients that my formula is one of the finest ever produced. The notes that are used in the Luxury Fragrances by NIVLAC collaborates well with the human pheromones. And it’s more than just another fragrance, it is an experience.

Calvin is an Author (Creating Your Own Strength) and has other ones in production. He has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and is a certified Life Coach. He prides himself in helping others become successful and reach their goals. “NIVLAC” is CALVIN spelled backward and it symbolizes his past and his unwavering determination to succeed. It’s his desire that his Luxury Fragrances not only makes a person smell good, but also leaves them feeling prodigious and empowered.

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Fragrance Services

Create & Design

Helping people design their own Fragrances line, providing a Luxury Experience

Nivlac is now designing Signature Fragrances for:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Weddings
  • Ceremonies
  • Birthdays
    or any occasion

Personal Bottles


  • Any of Nivlac Fragrances
  • Custom gift baskets.

Price: $65-125

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Create your own Fragrance Line


  • Logo
  • 100 minimum up to 3000 bottles
  • Bottles/box
  • Signature scent
  • Design, Bottle/Package
  • Consultation: $200

Price: $4700-5400

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Special Occasions


  • Nivlac creates, design, customize a signature scent
  • 100 minimum bottles

Price: $3300

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I got this beautiful fragrance Intimacy by NIVLAC. It’s absolutely a beautiful fragrance. Just to feel it on my skin, and the compliments are charming. I recommend this beautiful fragrance to any woman. A nice scent on a woman is the way to a men's ❤️. Intimacy by NIVLAC Dare to be different ❤️


This captivating bottle and the juice inside is amazing. Integrity for men is fit for a King like me and you. Very addictive and attracts all humans. I splash this on at work,sleep, business and date nights.


This perfume makes you feel like phenomenal woman It's fresh yet teasing. I met the man of my dreams when I put this on the Red Carpet. Love ❤️ always INTIMACY.


This is for the adventurous man , I live on the wild side and this fragrance Integrity. Stays on my skin in and out of the Miami beaches. I really like Integrity. The #1 Mens fragrance by Nivlac for 2020.


Intimacy is the perfect name for this fragrance, and the perfect fit for every boss lady who wants to feel sexy and sensual while working the room!

Tina Marie

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